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Kerri Edgerton

Recovery Life Coach

Kerri is a Recovery Coach and an Inspirational Speaker who is passionate about helping people.


Her 3 sons Tyler, Ryley,& Preston along with her family and close friends have inspired her to keep choosing life.

Her mission: To help create space for people to heal and walk in freedom from their addictions.

Kerri Edgerton

Certified Drug & Alcohol Specialist,  Certified Coach Practitioner (CCF), Recovery Life Coach 

Kerri speaks and helps others out of the struggles from her own past addictions and the richness of her recovery. Her path of destruction that began at age 11, through her own experimenting and desires for peace and control, spiralled out of control, almost ending her life. In that place of deep brokenness, her children apprehended, being homeless and looking for her next hit, God gave her the desire to fight for her life. Her story is the picture of redemption and she has a deep desire to use it to walk with others.

In February 2009, Kerri took the first step to being clean through a detox center, treatment center and a 12 Step Program that gave her strength to keep choosing life. As she began her active recovery she dove headlong into service work and it was here when she started sharing her story that she began to have a love for inspirational speaking.

Kerri's desire and passion for others began when she had a dream in those beginning days of being clean;to one day have a business that would help others get to the place of healing and recovery. In the last few years she has put steps to that dream and has become certified as a Drug & Alcohol Specialist (Addiction Worker), Certified Coach Practitioner (CCF) and Recovery Life Coach. Her training continues so that she can reach as many people as possible through what she experienced. Kerri used to dream with her mom about helping those who may be homeless and/or addicted and she is now realizing the possibilities of how God can use her story to help others. It was out of this place Edge Recovery Coaching was birthed. 

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